You all know how I have a knack for eavesdropping abi?  so ensconced in a fully loaded bus on my way to Ikeja from the Island, I was minding my business ‘jejely’ but these two beautiful ladies beside me seem to be talking nonstop. They suddenly delved into a topic that piqued my interest.

They were talking about inscriptions on buses, noting how one bus had ‘OMO MENTAL MOTORS, ENTER MAKE WE CHANGE YOUR MENTALITY’ written on it. Even I couldn’t help but wonder why a right thinking person would board a bus with such negative inscription. But surprisingly, they noted that the bus has air-conditioner in it. Who would have thought that a Lagos city bus in all its rugged battered physical appearance and a negative inscription on it would be equipped with A/C? But we are Nigerians and are very quick to judge a book by its cover.

It is no news that so many do not use the Locust beans in locally made foods because of its foul smell. We judge it by its smell  disregarding nutritious value to human health…..

The locust bean seed popularly known as ‘iru’ by yoruba; ‘ogiri’ and ‘dawadawa’ by the Igbos, ‘Nune’ by Tiv is the most beneficial and widely used part of the plant Parkia biglobosa.

Parkia biglobosa is a perennial deciduous tree that belongs to the family of Fabaceae which is most common in countries such as Nigeria,Sudan,Sierra leone,Cote D’ivoire,Senegal,Chad,Gambia,Cameroon,Zaire,Guinea-Bissau,Ghana,Mali,Niger,Burkina faso,Togo,Uganda and Benin Republic.

It has 29% lipid,35% protein and 16% carbohydrate.It is also a good source of calcium and fat.

      Benefits Of Locust Bean Seed

1. It helps to promote good vision.

Studies show that the root of the locust beamarkets in used to promote eyesight. Little wonder why this same root used to compound lotion used for sore eyes in folk medicine.

2. It has soluble fibre in the galactomannan family which has shown benefits in weight loss. It improves cholesterol level and a natural appetite stimulant.
3. Locust beans is a good antioxidant and detoxifier.It helps to get rid of free radicals in the system  of delirious harm as accumulation of free radicals in the body is the cause of many major chronic diseases.So why not help your system and help yourself by ingesting locust beans, you could just start with the pod.
4. Locust beans is known as a very good immune booster. It helps build your immune defense and hence help fight against infections and diseases.

Well, let’s just say horrible smell, delicious taste!

I love the smell though (I’m not weird) especially in efo riro, okro,egusi soup…hmmm delicious.

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