By Eniola Falade 

On a lazy Sunday evening, your message popped up on my screen. We have no mutual friend, you aren’t Nigerian sef, what came to my mind was ‘This one na scam o’. I didn’t reply your ‘hi’ message at first because I didn’t know you.

Fast forward to four days later, you sent another message. This time with a nice pick up line, which intrigued me and made me replied you. I enjoyed our conversations, we had an amazing chemistry, great vibe. I never believed in a long distance relationship, because small wishes like cuddling, holding hands, kisses, feeling each other’s touch, eating together etc. could mean so much…..

Friends advised me not to take you seriously, some said we were ‘penpals’. I was even sexualy frustrated at a point, but you were patient, calm, gentle and always ready to compromise. I met my soul mate! You complimented me in a special way, you understood me and accepted my flaws.

So basically, here are some tips for those who are in a long distance relationship.

  • COMMUNICATION – This is very important, try to update your partner on events and happenings that’s in your your life. Send each other photos, make video calls , record voice notes, send video clips etc.
  • DO THINGS TOGETHER-  Watch movies together, play games, etc
  • MEET EACH OTHER- Make plans to visit each other. After all the patience and abstinence you finally get to do all the little and sweet things with your partner.
  • FUTURE- Talk about your goals and what you want to achieve in the relationship.
  • TRUST- Trust your partner and be secured. Don’t go overboard over little issues. Instead talk it out.
  • TALK DIRTY- the sexual tension is usually crazy. Keep the vibe and sensations burning by sexting, teasing text…be creative.

Those in long distance relationships, I wish you all the best! Thanks Daty for a wonderful ldr experience.

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